Job Thikana

Job Thikana has established itself as a renowned name in the HR Sector for providing wide range of recruitment and staffing services to different Companies and is based in Mumbai. Founded by Shaheen Khan (Director of CEDP Skill Institute) and Aseer Khan. We have acted as a Placement firm over the last Decade placing skilled candidates. Job Thikana roots in management consulting enabling us to bring a unique approach to recruitment. Our focus has always been on middle and senior management talent needs. We recruit across various industry segments and sectors, For multinational companies as well as leading business houses. We operate through Domain specialist teams, portals, database and referrals.


Human resource management is a management function concerned with hiring, motivating and maintaining workforce in an organization. HR management deals with hiring’s, training, compensation, motivation, communication and administration. Human resource management ensures satisfaction of employees and maximum contribution of employees to achieve targets. Human resource is a strategic approach to acquiring, developing, managing, motivating and gaining the commitment of the organizations key resource- the people who work in and for it

Sales management facilitates the directions of activities and functions which are involved in the distribution of Goods and services. It consists of human beings or persons working together for effective marketing products/services manufactures of provided by the firm. Sales department coordinates the efforts of members of a group to bring about a desirable result. A sales organization has a number of departments with a planned and very well coordinated structure. It is a foundation effective sales planning and policies. A sales department is like a power station sending out energy.

Marketing management is the organizable discipline which focuses on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques, and methods inside organizations and on the management’s marketing resources and activities. It employs tools from economic and competitive strategy to analyse the industry context in which the firm operates. Marketing management often conduct market and marketing research to perform marketing analysis. It is a role that helps a firm to identify and source potentially successful products for the market source and then promote them by differentiating from different products. Basically, it is related to exchange of goods and services.

Accounting & Finance
An effective accounting & financial management system improves short and long term business performance by streamlining invoicing and bill collection, eliminating accounting errors, minimising record keeping redundancy, ensuring compliance with tax and accounting regulations, helping personnel’s to quantify budget planning, and offering flexibility, and expandability to accommodate change and growth. Accounting & Finance play an existential role in the management of any business. If you can’t count it you can’t manage it. By properly accounting for your company’s income and expenses, you can manage the flow of money and thereby direct the course of your business.

Labour & Ground Level Staff
Not much to explain about these people as they are the ones taking care of our day to day activities. Be it cleaning purpose or you have to load & unload stuffs or transferring things to one place or the other. You need to have a handful of labours in your company or home to get your ground level Job done. Their presence in a business organisation or a company is as important as air is to a human. There are millions and tons of work to be done which a single person cannot handle all the time. Labours and Ground level staff help you in achieving those tasks. Construction companies, refineries, airports etc are some of the organisations which is purely dependant on Labours, One can run a company with a few clients and employees or a lesser budget and target but none can survive without ground level staff or labour. They are basically people who are not directly associated with the top management level but the top management level also cannot function without their presence in their business firm. It is a role that doesn’t take much investment but gets your job done in no time, they mostly utilise their physical strength in order to keep the company’s work flow smoothly.

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