Duration : 2 Days

Certificate in Fire Prevention & Emergency Planning

With unexpected fires and accidents taking away thousands of lives each year around the world, it only makes sense to be trained in fire prevention. Welcome to the dedicated Certificate course in Fire Prevention, where we offer training, information and understanding of preventing and dealing with fire related accidents. Fire Engineering & Safety Management is one of the major growing careers and can be huge rewarding emotionally as one takes the charge to protect and save others. The contents of this course have been planned with special attention to all possible aspects that are involved in fire accidents, with dedicated theoretical and personal training in the field.

We have always worked to offer advanced courses that address the needs of the society and industry, and this course will offer just that. Please note that we have updated this course for all the latest industry changes, and we have experts to offer constant support for students, even after the completion of the course. The course will also appeal to those who want to know few ways of defending fire accidents, as well as, to those looking for more advanced courses. For more details, please reach us at our dedicated numbers.