Duration : 3/6 Months

Human Resources Management

Human Resource Management Team is an indispensable asset of the organisation as it forms foundation for building a strong and dedicated team of working professionals.
The role of the Human Resource Management Team typically includes recruiting right talent, introduction, induction, training & development, performance and reward management, talent management, motivating employees, succession and career planning, labor relations, performance appraisals, workplace safety and many more.
Employees are the backbone of every organisation; hence they need to be very strong else the whole organisation will suffer.
Recruiting right talent is a crucial role as it is lifeblood of every organisation hence it needs to be done with a concerted effort. Organisation’s essential M’s like manpower, money, machine, materials, methods and markets are managed by Human Resource Team.
Human Resources Department’s competence and overall attitude is so powerful that it can actually make or break organisation’s business. Thus, human resource is an important factor in organisation’s success and failures.
One of the exciting reasons for you to choose career in Human Resource is that you can exercise influence on numerous aspects of the organisation.

Scope of HR in India:

HR is a profession with vast scope and highly demanded one. The reach in terms of industry or business one can try in any vertical including Manufacturing, Services, Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, FMCG, Telecom, Media, Retail, Banking- name it.
Specialization in human resource has good scope in India as almost every field and company needs one dedicated HR and in every phase of business growth and any business models which is B2B or B2C. One can negotiate a better salary and can avail higher salary package.
After this course you can apply for most reputed and respected job levels in various top most companies in India or in abroad. HR manager plays a crucial role in any company.
So, in this profession you can make your career successful. The job opportunities in this field are increasing globally.


Salary package totally depends on your qualification and number of experience. As a diploma fresher you can earn above Rs. 15,000/- and a MBA graduate fresher

As a fresher, you can earn between Rs 3-5 lakh per year. The salary depends on several factors such as the organizations you work, work experience, company location, academic background, etc. After gaining an experience, you can earn between Rs 3 to 6 lakh per annum.

Skills Required:

One of the primary skills required is ‘Effective Communication’ as it helps in creating and maintaining unity in the organisation.
You should be strong in delegation because strong supervision quality implies juniors, employees and relevant staff is having a direction to be followed.
Thirdly planning skills is very crucial as this is where the needs of an organisation in terms of workforce are identified and future requirement of human resources is predicted to achieve organisational goals.

Profile of HR personnel:

Generalist and specialist are two types of HR professionals who are expected to be competent in various verticals of HR department. At its peak, Generalist HR elevates to HR Head, HR General Manager or a Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO).

Course Description:

The Certificate Course in Human Resource Management will introduce you all the small nuances of roles that Human Resource Manager plays in a given organisation. This course will help prepare you to understand how HR work is different for a small start-up and big corporate, international companies and not for profit organisation.



The course curriculum includes information on strategic management, developing talent and human resources. All aspects that influence employee relations are being taught which includes conomical, cultural and social.

Outcome: Upon successful completion of the course, you will able to:

1. Discover HRM, functions and processes:
Be it monitoring the overall work culture and establishing maintaining and fostering positive culture in the organisation.

2. Human Resource Policies:
Organisational policy provides generalized guidance to staff on information of various rules and regulations to be followed or addressed in their workplace.


3. Talent management: This process is all about developing maximum potential talent, hiring & retaining superior employees in the industry. This task is executed by HR Manager along with other heads of the department / managers.

4. Comprehend the recruitment, selection, induction and appraisal processes
HR is responsible for the overall recruitment of all kind of manpower. Right from recruitment, interview, selection, monitoring and performance appraisal are done by HR Manager.

5. Talent inventory is executed by HR personnel. Work force planning is the assessment of staff excess or shortage and accordingly decisions are made by the HR Manager.

6. Understand role and steps initiating/managing change within an organization and manage workplace conflicts. Conflicts at workplace are common in nature and are totally inevitable. In such situations HR Manager is expected to resolve such issues in an effective manner by coming up with suitable solutions.


One must complete 12th standard to successfully complete a course. A certificate course will help you to initiate career formally. It helps to boost career and celebrate your success. This course will be of great use to all students who wish to pursue career in HRM and also existing HRM professionals who wants to upgrade skills and reinvent your career.


  1. Introduction To Human Resource Management
  2. Human Resource Policies
  3. Recruitment, Selection & Induction
  4. Performance Appraisal
  5. Leave Management
  6. Payroll
  7. Statutory Compliance

Batch Details:
Certificate Course 1:
Duration – 3 Months ( 3 days in a week)

Certificate Course 2:
Duration – 6 Months (Weekend Batches)