5 Reasons why Corporates must source a Skilled Workforce through Placement Companies

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So who do you think is the bridge between a Job Seeker and a Job Giver? Obviously, a placement company. It is the one that specializes in providing a Skilled and Relevant workforce. They match the exact requirement from the Job Giver with the Skills of the Job Seeker.

We all know that the Covid-19 – pandemic has greatly affected the employment situation in India. Companies should now do everything that can actually create more skill specific job opportunities for the youth. They should focus on reconstructing a better workforce that is highly well equipped and prepared to take job responsibilities from day 1.  Companies certainly would not want to compromise on their productivity and hence are focussing on hiring a trained and skilled workforce which looks like the right solution.

Let’s dive deeper on what role does a placement company play for various Corporates and why is it crucial to source workforce through them.

  • Life becomes easier
    Once the job has been given to the placement company, they ensure to get the capable candidates ready for the interviews, tests, infact the entire screening process. The final round of interview is at the client’s office.
  • Convenient Hiring
    Placement companies offer you requirement specific candidates. They give you trained staff/ employees on contract or on a full time role. They are extremely proficient in shortlisting and lining up candidates for definite roles. The hiring really becomes easier.
  • Maintaining Confidentiality
    Placement companies maintain the confidentiality of the client name throughout the recruitment process. Candidates are given exact details only at the end of the tests, screenings and interviews. This actually makes placement companies preferable to corporates.
  • Huge Database
    Placement companies have a huge database of candidates. They can look through the database and come up with matching profiles as per the client’s exact requirement. This is possible because of their hold in the market that has been established over a period years.
  • Job-specific Training
    Although Candidates may be qualified and deserving, they generally require a job-specific training before then can join any company. Placement companies are in tie-up with such Skill Development & Training institutes which make them job-ready from day 1

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We make collaborative efforts to place students at top industries including automobile, hospitality, aviation, healthcare and other sectors. We have placed 2000+ students who are proudly rendering their services in some of the reputed organizations.

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