Job Opportunities in Auto Electric Vehicle Industry

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Electric vehicles are the future! The giants in the auto industry are adding more EVs to their lineup. The manufacturers are working on electric vehicles to meet the future surging demand. They are posting the vacancies for engineers proficient in various domains for a job profile in EV safety, software, motor calibration in vehicles, power electronics, etc.

“Employment growth is expected in most occupations in the electric vehicle industry in the next few years, according to a study by the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at the University of California, Berkeley.”

The manufacturing industries and the domestic energy sector are expected to surge as the need for batteries and charging stations will increase. The accelerating shift to eco-friendly vehicles will change the nature of the skills and talent required for this evolving industry. Upgrading skills is the need of the hour to stay industry-relevant.

Changing nature of job

Switch to electric vehicles, digitalization and automation had substantial consequences for employment such as re-training and new opportunities in low-emission mobility. Existing jobs will become obsolete in the current automotive industry and create opportunities for new jobs.

Key occupation in Electric vehicle industry

  • Scientists conducting research in electric drive technology
  • The manufacturing workers who build the vehicles
  • The automotive maintenance technicians who repair the vehicles


The above job positions require specialized training and skills in electric vehicle manufacturing and maintenance. The credentials needed for the occupation include education, training, and certification.

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